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April 29/2005

Spanking in the Movies..
Video Clip

The following short video clip is from a low budget film called Love Camp 7. I think it is actually a series of films, but I am not entirely sure. Anyways, it's not the greatest movie, but a good belt spanking takes place in it. If you have been checking out lately, you would have seen we posted another clip from yet another cheesy movie this week. So enjoy this one too!
Click here to go to the video page and watch this clip.

April 26/2005

Spanking in Wrestling..
Video Clip

Here's an update that is a day early, because I have some extra bandwidth for movies this month! I thought I would stay in the wrestling theme and share a quick video with you of a spanking that took place in a wrestling match. I don't really follow wrestling, although I have started watching every now and then hoping to catch a scene like this. I think they should have at least a spanking a week to draw in new viewers. Who cares it's fake or planned!
Click here to the video page and watch this clip.

April 25/2005

Spanking in Wrestling.. video games

If you are tired waiting for a real live spanking in wrestling, turn to the next best thing.. The Video Game! And the best part is you get to control some of the action ,instead of just sitting there on the sofa with a beer in your hand (you lazy bastard). Spank away to your heart's content, and score some big points!
Click here for a few pics from the game.

April 24/2005

Spanking Movie
-Real Spankings Institute promo clip

The girls at Real Spankings Institute seem to get into trouble a lot. And luckily all punishments are recorded in the form of pictures and video for reference. I think this is an excellent idea, and I am happy they share the pictures and videos on their site to those who are interested in the subject of corporal punishment. I have just uploaded a promo video from RSI, and will give you an idea as to what goes on at this unique school.
Click here to go to the video page and watch a free clip.

April 23/2005

Spanking Movie
Girls Boarding School promo clip

It's about time for a few video clips! To start things off, we have a nice over the knee spanking courtesy of Girls Boarding School. This video will give you an idea of the quality you can expect from their site.

More videos will be coming in the future, so don't forget to bookmark this new site, and our other page The Spanking News. Sorry, I couldn't resist putting in a quick plug.
Click here to go to the video page and watch a free clip.

April 22/2005

Book Cover

This book cover immediately caught my attention when I first discovered it, many moons ago. The covers of romance novels have always had the most amazing artwork on them.
Obviously this is done to catch your attention, much like this one caught mine.. and probably yours. I have not read this book, but I can't help to wonder if the punishment is consensual or not. I mean look at the man's face. Is he angry or having a good time? And what about the woman. Is that a look of passion, lust, or is it pain? You decide.
Here's some interesting covers from books and magazines.

April 20/2005

Birthday Spanking

Ah, the birthday spanking. What a wonderful past time. This tradition actually dates back hundreds of years. Although it is considered a joke when given today, they were orginally based on superstition and it was bad luck if you refused to submit to one.
Needless to say, there are a few who practice this tradition on their spouse or lover regardless if it is their birthday or not. If they give you a hassle, just say you are warding off evil spirits and they should actually thank you for performing this act. In my experience, more evil spirits can be warded off if the bottom is bare. Don't ask why, that's just the way it works.
Have a look at these party pictures.


April 18/2005

Blue Jeans

Some girls look great in a pair of blue jeans, and this young lady from GBS is one of them. She has a firm body like a ballerina, yet this time her dancing takes place over a knee. As beautiful as she is in these blue jeans, they must come down. This is done purely for her own protection so the spanker can judge the effects on the bare bottom. How else is he supposed to know when the right shade of red has been reached?
Here's another gallery for you kind folks.


April 14/2005

Kiss Me Kate Part 2

Here's part 2 of the Kiss Me Kate series I promised. You can see part 1 in the March Edition here. I am still waiting for the day where some new "artistic" theatre company does a version of this production where Kate gets spanked on her bare bottom. So far we have seen her getting it over the skirt or dress, and on a few occasions the skirt is raised, but we are all waiting patiently for the inevitable. Which is to see the panies or pantalooms come down and Kate's bottom turn red before our very eyes! One day.
Here's another "Kiss Me Kate" gallery.


April 11/2005

Soroity Paddling

Here's an old newspaper clipping that has been around for awhile. Some of you may have seen it before, but I thought I would share it for those who are new to the world of the internet, and all of its tasty goodies! This is a rare picture of a sorority paddling it's members. It's rare because stuff like this rarely, if ever happens anymore, and it is even more rare to be captured on film. If something like this was to turn up in the news today, you can bet a lot a groups would be quick to whine about it, the sorority would be closed down, and the women involved would be arrested and charged. Sad. I love the expressions on all the girl's faces! Take a closer look yourself.


April 08/2005

Sarah & the strap

There is nothing like a few good licks of the strap to keep a girl on the right track. The sound of a strap striking bare flesh can never be mistaken for anything else. This is Sarah from Real Spankings Institute. This babe could easily be a model, but still needs to learn an old fashion lesson every once and awhile. Take a look at the gallery to see this lesson being administered.
Sarah and the strap


April 04/2005

Older Photography

Yes, the good old days! The history of spanking in photography dates back as far as the camera itself. Some like the one shown here, are truly works of art and should be on display in art galeries. I wonder if there are more gems like this one, passed down in collections from generation to generation that have not been seen before.
Here are some other excellent older photographs.


April 01/2005

The Hairbrush

Sometimes when a young lady needs to learn a good lesson, the hand just will not do. That is when the hairbrush comes into play. a flat backed wooden hairbrush is the perfect instrument for correcting a bad girl over your knee. Light in weight, yet provides the perfect sting to any bare bottom. To see a gallery of Jennifer from Real Spankings earning a taste of the brush, click the picture.
Jennifer earns the hairbrush.

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