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April Edition

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Spanking Clubs, Parties and Events:
Peaches Spanking Club
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Bottoms Up
Passive Arts
SCONY (Spanking Club Of New York)


Guba is a fast and easy
newsgroup service. I use
them for those hard to
find spanking pictures,
and spanking movies.


































Spanking in Video Games

If you had any doubts about how common spanking is in wrestling, take a look at the pictures below. It seems that spanking is so common it even made it into the video game. When you get to a certain stage in the game there is what's called a "bra and panty" match. And just like it's real-life counterpart, a spanking is inevitable. I don't have the game, but I think I read that the controls for this part of the match works like those golf video games. Build up power.. and release your swing!
Is it just me, or is there a slight shade of red on her butt?

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